IVF Automation

smART - software management for ART


The advancement and research in technology has guaranteed an increase of efficiency in most spheres of life; and this is true for the world of medicine also. Nowadays, there are several medical software programs to ensure that all runs smoothly in the medical realm. It is estimated that the correct medical software can increase medical office revenues by about thirty percent.

The importance of medical software cannot and must not be underestimated. Today, the success and failure of a medical practice hinges on them. And a major bane in healthcare offices today is inefficiency. Buying, installing and using the correct medical software should eliminate inadequacies.

Medical software is assisting the present day doctor to run an office smoothly. These medical software programs help the medical professional to administer every feature of a medical practice, from records to appointments to finances.

And finally, welcome to the most customizable and easily manageable IVF software.


Handcrafted in such a way, to work on your own way as you like to do it.

User Experience

We mean best User Experience not just by the looks but by the work flow you experience.


You can choose how you want it to be like. Online(Cloud), Offline(Intranet).


Analytics is simply the science of mining data to come to conclusions to better ourselves.