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Aestiva 5

The Aestiva 5 with 7900 Smart Vent is a balance of advanced ventilation and exceptional capabilities, delivering a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy. The Aestiva with the 7900 SmartVent* provides sophisticated ventilation capabilities that support the needs of a broad patient range.

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Anesthesia Machine comes with the following features users-friendly interface & operation mode enables touch-and-go and complete control, High brightness LED enables visual display of multiple information, Intellectual flow sensor calibration system realizes dynamic tidal volume compensation.

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Datex Ohmeda Excel 210

This anesthesia machine is great for areas where a small footprint is necessary. O2, N2O, and medical air are standard on the Excel 210 . Drawer pack configurations may vary from picture.

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Philips HeartStart XL

The Philips HeartStart XL defibrillator or monitor, weighing in at just under 14 pounds, is easily transported throughout the hospital to the site where cardiac care is needed

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Mono Phasic

Hewlett Packard Codemaster XL and XL+ defibrillators are available professionally refurbished from DRE with a built-in recorder, ECG, and AC power with battery back-up.

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Lifepak 20

Physio Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator Monitor with 3-lead ECG, AED function, Manual Defib (360j Biphasic) with sync, Pacing, Masimo SpO2, and NEW Battery. Includes ECG 3 Lead Cable,.

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Heart Lung Machine

HCU 20

Automatic Patient mode for physiologically optimized heating or cooling. Remote Monitor control. HEATER POWER, W2,250 W (230 VAC), 1,170 W (115 VAC), 1,120 W (100 VAC).

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HL 20

A complex high-tech concept reduced to the essentials for the benefit of both patient and perfusionist. One knob adjusts all settings except the pump speed.

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Stockert 3T

The Stöckert Heater-Cooler System 3T provides fast and efficient heating and cooling, independent of the ice and water supply in the operating room.

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Stockert S3

The SIII is Stöckert’s third-generation perfusion system. Its development has taken the latest technological advances into consideration.

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Intra Arotic Ballon Pump

Datascope 98XT

The new autotiming supervisor, “R-Trac”, is a highly advanced 2nd generation IAB timing control system that combines the sophistication of CardioSync 2 with rapid QRS identification and the fastest IAB inflation and deflation speeds available. In the OR, Cath Lab, CCU, and in transport, the System 98XT is your system of choice for handling the most challenging cardiac rhythms.

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Datascope CS100

Automated trigger source and timing management provide continuous, consistent support for your patient. CS100 Universal Transport System (UTS): A simple, safe and versatile solution to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Transport. The benefits of the CS100 IABP are for use in transport situations. Automatically evaluates and selects optimal trigger source and lead.

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Siemens Servo i Ventilator

The flexible and adaptable ventilator for all patient categories meets today's - and tomorrow's - need for different treatment modalities and clinical situations. SERVO-i Universal is available in two editions - Universal Basic and Universal Extended.

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Siemens 300A Ventilator

Lung ventilator intended for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Arefurbished Siemens 300A Servo Ventilator offers a wide range of ventilation modes together with an Automode function for greater treatment possibilities, shorter weaning times and increased patient comfort.

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Drager Savina Ventilator

The dependable Dräger Savina can help you face clinically challenging environments. It is easy to use and combines excellent ventilation performance, quality and versatility.

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Drager Babylog 8000 Plus Ventilator

The Babylog 8000 plus is designed for harmonious ventilation of small children and the smallest pre-term babies. It has an advanced upgrade platform that has allowed it to keep pace with all new forms of treatment and clinical advances.

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Drager Evita XL Ventilator

The Dräger Evita XL is a feature-rich ventilator designed to help caregivers deliver comprehensive, optimal ventilation — from implementation to the weaning process. The monitor responds quickly to individual patient requirements and ventilation.

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Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator

The Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator features our PAV + software, a breath type that better manages a patient’s work of breathing and supports more natural breathing compared to conventional mechanical ventilation.

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