HL 20


A complex high-tech concept reduced to the essentials for the benefit of both patient and perfusionist.


Simple Operation

  • A flat screen display provides graphical and functional status information at a glance; all supervisory and warning functions are on one panel.
  • One knob adjusts all settings except the pump speed.
  • The pump function is dedicated by name, not by location, and the assigned function of the pump is displayed on its front panel.
  • Built-in remote control for the Heater-Cooler Unit HCU 30.
  • Patient temperature can be monitored and controlled without diverting the operator’s attention.

Safe and Reliable

  • In a power failure, a fully automatic battery backup system will be engaged and run the entire system for the time sufficient to finish most surgical procedures.
  • All pumps and modules operate on 24 Volt power for increased patient and operator safety.
  • All electrical connections are inside HL 20; there are no protruding or interfering cables to be broken, tangled or inadvertently unplugged.
  • The system performs an extensive self-test at power-up, then continuously monitors all vital functions during operation.
  • All alarms and errors are indicated both acoustically and visually; a single button is used to silence all alarms.

Wide Range of Configurations

  • The HL 20 console is constructed of stainless steel and easily maneuvered by means of a side guard and four stable castors.
  • Controls and monitors are run from a single panel, which can be mounted on the left, right or center of the pump console.
  • Pump functions can be renamed or relocated instantly without cable disconnection.
  • Available in left- or right-oriented console.

Comprehensive Safe Control

  • Accurately measure of up to four pressures and up to four temperatures.
  • Two safety protection systems prevent air entering the extracorporeal circulation:
  • Capacitive level sensor
  • Ultrasonic micro bubble air detector
  • With the Cardioplegia Monitor Unit, essential data is easily displayed for full control of cardioplegia delivery, including: volumes; ratio; timers; temperature; and pressure.

Compact Roller Pump Modules

  • Pumps run quietly and smoothly on safe, low-voltage power supplied by the console.
  • The pumps are easily removed from and reinstalled onto the console simply by lifting or placing the module onto the guided position.

Unique Flow and Bubble Measurement

  • The ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump System, a natural part of HL 20, can also be used as a fully independent stand-alone unit.

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