About Us

Necessity is surely the mother of invention. And necessity also comes with responsibility or rather and opportunity for someone to stand up and deliver what’s required.

GoHealthe was born out of this necessity. We found there were gaping holes that could be filled if one would persevere with unwavering quality and ever expanding expertise. When we set out, we decided not to keep the business we cater to in mind but their end users. It’s a simple concept really, you keep your customer’s client happy, and your customer is bound to be happy.

We understand that the businesses we cater to are high-end businesses with sensitive products or services. And hence we have made our investments where it matters, on quality and precision. We realize that growing big doesn’t always have to be quantity based. Are we able to provide better quality products year on year?  The answer was a resounding “Yes”, and that meant we were growing and growing in the right direction.

We ventured into Clean Room solutions, Antimicrobial solutions for hygienic spaces and workflow management for IVF practices.

Each of these branches has yielded us immense satisfaction as we have seen the benefits the end user has experienced and the goodwill the business have earned.

Core Objectives

  • Sell high-end medical equipment after stringent quality checks by experts
  • Reduce antimicrobial presence by 99.9% in spaces requiring high hygiene
  • Provide stellar after sales support by having personalized channels set up.
  • Create better results for IVF practices by providing a software that not just serves admin purposes but also medical.

Our Specialist Services

These 3 are our major areas of expertise and with years of experience, challenges, learning we are at a stage of providing end to end solutions across these mediums.

Clean Room Solutions 100%
Antimicrobial Solutions 100%
Customizable IVF Workflow Software 100%

Key Services & Skills


With a collective experience of over 30 years, our team has seen it all. With each person bringing in a unique perspective and skill set, we imbibe it to give you quality service and products.


We love what we do. And so we find joy in breaking our heads to come up with improvements and solutions to new challenges.


We’re the only company in India that does BioClad installations. Our expertise is always renewed thanks to our skillset programmes.


With installations across different cities in India and even some countries abroad, we’ve truly become mobile.

Our Clients


Managing my IVF practice is hassle free because of Fisart. I strongly recommend Fisart when it comes to IVF automation.
Dr Lavanya, Lavanya Fertility Centre
I have been looking for a software that best suits my fertility management system. I found Fisart to be very useful.
Dr.Bharati, Bharati Fertility Centre