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GoHealthe was born out of this necessity. We found there were gaping holes that could be filled if one would persevere with unwavering quality and ever expanding expertise. When we set out, we decided not to keep the business we cater to in mind but their end users. It’s a simple concept really, you keep your customer’s client happy, and your customer is bound to be happy.

We understand that the businesses we cater to are high-end businesses with sensitive products or services. And hence we have made our investments where it matters, on quality and precision. We realize that growing big doesn’t always have to be quantity based. Are we able to provide better quality products year on year?  The answer was a resounding “Yes”, and that meant we were growing and growing in the right direction.

We ventured into Clean Room solutions, Antimicrobial solutions for hygienic spaces and workflow management for IVF practices.
Each of these branches has yielded us immense satisfaction as we have seen the benefits the end user has experienced and the goodwill the business have earned.


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.






Product Suite

GoHealthe offers a diverse range of products to enhance your healthcare business.

Fisart Health

Actively transforming the healthcare space with the perfect mix of technology and empathy.

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Lifewhisperer A.I

Life Whisperer offers new hope to improve pregnancy rates with a cloud based AI system, trained on over 20,000 globally sourced 2D embryo images; a powerful basis for the Life Whisperer AI to quickly identify features invisible to the human eye.

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BioClad Wall Cladding

BioClad® are the market leaders in creating hygienic spaces for some of the largest brands in the health, food, education, leisure and pharmaceutical sectors

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Medical Equipments

Bringing global state-of-the-art medical euipementts to your healthcare business

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